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Youth Ministry

Corpus Christi, St. Ladislas, & St. Mary Catholic Church

Thank you for choosing our parishes for Youth Ministry. We look forward to spreading the love of Jesus through this important ministry!

Many Youth Ministry programs consist exclusively of large group events, which can be faith-filled and anointed, but when we look at the statistics, 85% of youth will have left the Faith in which they were raised by the age of 17! Wow!

There must be a disconnect. We must be missing the mark with our youth if this is happening nationwide. How do we fill the gap?

The answer is to implement a ‘small group’ method so that each teen is individually mentored and loved through a mentoring/ discipleship approach. Each teen has the option to be plugged into a small group of 4-8 other teens their age, so that they have a space to share their concerns and talk about their Catholic Faith in a personal way. 

We’re using a program called YDisciple! (below)

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Our parish doesn’t just need one Youth Minister. 

If we’re going to meet the pastoral needs of each teen, we need an army of ‘Youth Ministers’. If you feel called to lead a small group (training and training guides will assist you along the way!), please email us at [email protected]